Fabiana Orellano

Argentinean Architect and Plastic Artist that recently moved to Miami, Florida 

I started painting at a very young age, more less in 1974, at a school called "Los Niños Pintores" in the Dante Alighieri Society, San Martin, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Even though I stayed active and always produced new things, I resumed my plastic activity in a regular fashion on 2009, when I joined the Atelier directed by Mariana Pereira, graduated from the prestigious "La Carcova" Art School at the University of Buenos Aires

Between 2010 and 2013, I exposed my artwork in the Mercedes Giachetti Art Gallery, Mitra Art Gallery and in the Architecture, Art and Design Exposition Estilo Pilar

In December 2015, I exposed my artwork in Spectrum Miami Art Show, a really exciting learning experience! 

In this site you can see some of my art work . Sadly I have not taken photos of several pieces that I sold and/or gave away as presents to my architecture clients

I started working in different Architecture Studios while I was studying at the University of Buenos Aires. There I learned -some times painfully- that design was only a small part of this noble profession, and that a successful career demanded a mix of artistic, engineering, project management, selling, and people leadership skills

Between 2001 and 2013, a 12-year period in which I returned to live in Argentina, I designed and directed the construction of over 25 projects for families and corporations (seven family houses built from scratch, over fourteen reforms, and more than five corporate projects)

Extremely focused in my clients' priorities, my projects are highly functional, efficient in the use of materials, livable and beautiful -- I can proudly say that I have escaped the temptation of using my clients' money to build monuments to my ego :-)